Life is Sacred!
Every living thing wants to enjoy life on its own level of existence whether it is a small earthworm or a massive sperm whale.
Every living being wants and needs simple things. Life is sacred. They basically want shelter from heat or cold
enough food to live, and simple comfort from that which would be malevolent to their survival.
Animal Chaplains
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Animal chaplains community, including pet loss grief support,
animal memorial
services, praying for animals who are sick or
injured, comforting bereaved family members, holding hands with pet owners during surgery
or animal euthanasia at a veterinary clinic or animal hospital, and performing animal blessing
ceremonies. Many animal chaplains
pets of their own, and express compassion for the difficult times pet owners may face. In addition to animal loss grief counseling
and bereavement support, interfaith Animal chaplains may also deliver guest sermons on the bond between animals and humans,
offer spiritual education regarding the responsibilities of human beings toward the other creatures of the Earth, visit nursing homes
and hospitals, provide animal-assisted therapy, and lead religious services where companion animals are welcome. Still others run
animal shelters, animal rescue organizations or other non-profit organizations which benefit people and animals.

Independent animal chaplains may have their own ministries and advertise on the Internet
or they may be
ordained clergy working in churches. Animal Chaplains may provide
their services free of charge, in exchange for
donations for-service basis. Currently there are
no legal standards for the training, licenser and practice of animal chaplains. Some training programs do exist through private
companies and non-profit groups, and through mentoring
by experienced animal chaplains. One paraprofessional animal chaplain is working to persuade veterinary schools to offer animal
chaplain certification programs. Other professional titles for animal chaplains include veterinary chaplains, pet ministers, and animal
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Lord, you have called my heart to serve all creatures.
Grant that as I work to serve in this capacity for which I am called
That I am filled with compassion,
That I am filled with understanding
That I am filled with charity
That I am filled with empathy
That I am filled with a generous heart
That I am filled with selflessness
That I am filled with caring
That I am filled with tolerance
That I am filled with the ability to comfort
That I am filled with wisdom
That I am filled with humility
That I remain your humble servant
That I am filled with calmness and peace
And that I am filled with your Grace and your Love
Above all else as I serve you through serving your creatures
Including their human families.
Grant that I see you reflected in the eyes of all creatures
Great and small and that I never forget
That it is your love alone that is beating in all hearts.

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A Prayer of Thanksgiving:
Spirit of Life, Spirit of Love, dear God,
We pause this day to acknowledge the suffering of  the countless birds               
innocent and sensitive.
We pause this day to acknowledge the suffering and pain that many
animals experience every day.
We pause to name our own pain and frustration at what feels like our
powerlessness to end the suffering..
Be with the animals, and with us, in the horror of slaughter and suffering.

Amidst this suffering we pause to acknowledge the beauty that resides
beside the brokenness.
We acknowledge the many ways in which we can and do make a
difference as we strive together in this community of solidarity with Life.
We acknowledge the joy as well as the sorrow that is the result of
our recognition of our interdependence.
We are grateful for the wonder of creation, for our place in it,
for all beings and our connection to them all.

May we live from a place of compassion for all beings, human and
otherwise, so that the Love by which we are called, in which we live and
move and have our being, may be made manifest in all that we do and all
that we are.
May we support one another and witness to the power of choice to
create a more just, loving, and beautiful world for all beings.

All my love and affection to you all, my dear companions on this journey.

Rev. Dr. Beth Johnson, CCDC
President, Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry