Rev. Eric Michel
Rev. Marie's Buddi
God Bless Our Animals
Serving animals of all Faiths

EMMI Pet Chaplain is a all faith Sub-Ministry that offers empathy and comfort to pets and their families
during times of loss illness, transition or grief.

We as a Animal Chaplain

Presides at animal blessing ceremonies
Provides loss support, memorial services and spiritual guidance for people experiencing the grief of
losing a loved companion
Prayer and Spiritual Support
Emotional Support
Memorial Service
Visiting Pets in hospital or at home
On St Francis Day (Weekend) Blessing of animals
Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
If you need moral support or someone to discuss your concerns with regarding pending surgery or a terminal
for your pet, someone will be there for you. If you decide to care for your terminal pet at home we can help you
come to terms with the imminent death of your Companion if you need to euthanized your pet we will be there for
the procedure. While  your pet is euthanized, we can stand in for you if you can't so your pet will not be alone, and
will be comforted.
Pet Adoption
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